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The cost of driving and its affect on those that depend on driving is ever increasing so here are a few tips to help cut costs

  1. Shop around- Find the cheapest stations in your area. Saving a few pence per litre can make a big difference. See www.petrolprices.com
  2. Keep your tyres inflated- Ensuring your tyres are at the correct pressure can increase fuel efficiency by 3%. Try checking your tyres at least once per month.
  3. Watch your load- Try not to over load your van, this will affect your fuel consumption and the life span of your clutch. Try to drive your van empty where possible or only carrying what you require for each day.
  4. Remove roof racks- if they are unused or rarely used. The extra weight causes increased wind resistance leading to increased fuel consumption.
  5. Service your vehicle regularly to ensure it is in peak condition.
  6. Topping up little and often is best- This helps to keep the weight of the vehicle down to increase fuel efficiency.
  7. Reduce your speed- motorway cruising is much more efficient at around 50-60mph. Motorway speeds of 70mph or more will significantly affect your fuel consumption. Motorway service stations are also significantly more expensive.
  8. Drive economically- try not to accelerate aggressively or brake harshly, instead try to smooth out your driving style
  9. Plan ahead- don’t get lost, research routes and listen for traffic reportsBefore you set off on your journey check the traffic report in you area and at your destination.


We are backing the Fair Fuel UK campaign to help stop fuel duty rises. Show your support by signing this petition.


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