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Land Rover Defenders


Why Are Land Rover Defenders So Popular?



I have often wondered this very question. Land Rover Defenders are expensive, very basic, difficult to drive around town, not particularly comfortable, slow, fuel burners, noisy  and hard to get into; and yet we have continued to see their ever growing popularity even now they are no longer produced. The Defender has a huge following, Instagram is packed full of love for them. Chelsea Tractor style Defender modifications have become big business and they make huge sums in auctions and older models have similar asking prices to newer models. 

But why are they so popular? 


1. Practical


Hard wearing interiors which are easy to clean and hose down. Fabrics resist moisture and mud well. Plenty of load space and if fitted with seats fold away to the sides. 


2. Off Road Ability


Excellent off road capabilities making muddy fields and wet grassy tracks prove trivial where lesser vehicles may struggle. They are a farmers favourite able to cope with snowy conditions, crossing rivers, sand and steep slopes. 


3. Cool


Defenders are cool, they are used by the Military and popular in Films and TV. And now companies like Twisted Performance and Urban Automotive have increased the desirability of the vehicles while pushing the retail prices up. While older models are being converted into Camper Vans, Day Vans and other recreational purposes. They have an appeal that reaches many parts of society. 


4. Character


The Defender's looks has hardly changed in 70 Years of production. It is rugged and hard wearing and has created a following through the generations that is still growing. 



5. Maintenance


High clearance and a lack of plastic trim makes working a Defender relatively straightforward. The engines have changed in size and power over the years but there are many online forums and instructions for DIY repairs.



6. Adventure


They go anywhere and look great while they are doing it. Instagram is full of accounts showing off camping and travelling around the countryside, mountains and dunes in their beloved in Defender. 



7. Safety


The Defender does not come with an Airbag and it does not come with Side Impact Protection.  The strongest part of the Defender is the chassis which is above that of a normal car. Combined with the high driving position to see above cars and traffic. 


8. Holds its Value


Similar to buying a VW Transporter, buying a Defender is a safe bet in the motoring world. Land Rover Defenders are holding their value due to a high and constant level of demand. 



9. Towing Capability


A Land Rover Defender can tow 3.5 Tonnes which other 4x4 vehicles can not out do. 



10. Community


Quintessentially British and loved by the elite, the country estate owner, the shooters, the farmers and more. Land Rover Defenders have a huge following. Due to all the points above the Defender community is still growing. There is much discussion about preferred engine, wheelbase and body types. But it all comes down to a mutual appreciation for the timeless Land Rover Defender. 



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